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Road trip?

T-shirt image? This came to mind when you first said "Massage Garage", which brings me to my next point...

When the hell are we going to NC?! These guys are waiting for us...

...And this is Dre with some roosters.


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279 Days


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“When life treats you like gar-bage, get a massage.”

“When life rubs you the wrong way, Mallory won’t. ”

“If you have knots in your heart, ya might need a hug. If you have knots in your back, ya might need a rub. Mallory gives both :)”

“If you feel like you have knots and butterflies in your stomache–that’s not normal, go to the hospital. If you feel like you have knots in your neck, just go get a massage.”

“Rubbing is loving.”

“That’s not a mirage, you’re just going crazy, and you need a massage. ( From Mallory )”

“Cabbage” doesn’t rhyme with “massage”, but you should eat it anyway.”

“Massages are for kinky people.” ——–this is one of my personal favorites. I will have a shirt that says this.


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