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Whatcha think?


They might be for boys. But I likey.

I want some pumped up kicks


I want.


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Anything else…

Basically anything else we want to put on here we can just put under the Misc category…(also duh) hehe I think it will be sweet! Maybe. We can give it a go at least. We can also comment on eachother’s stuff just like on facebook…woohoo!

If  there is something you want to do, but can’t figure it out, you can look to the right of the screen where it says blogroll, and there is a link there that is meant to help. Everything else is done under the “dashboard” which you click on on the top left of the screen after you scroll the mouse over where it says “blog”. You click on “New post” a basically you can figure it out from there 🙂 hopefully.

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Uploading pics

You upload pictures here just like if you were attaching a picture to an e-mail. Then you would put it under the “Sweet pics” category…(duh…). Like this :


You can add captions and stuff to the pics, just make sure that you click the option that says “insert into post” otherwise you’ll be like wtf is going on why isn’t this working…

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I’m just writing this to set it up, but when you make a post, you can just add a link or write something, then look to the right side of the screen and pick the category it goes under, then it will automatically organize itself 🙂 Like if you photocopied something you can just add it as an attachment and it will show up, then you’d just look at the right side of the screen where it says “categroies” and you’d hit “Books/articles/quotes” 🙂

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse 😉


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Lucero and tattoos :)


all the more reason to love them…

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Our blog!

This is the blog we can use to post stuff we like! It gets easier after a while (perhaps a long while?). It’s like all three of our journals, crammed into one! Enjoy 🙂

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